August 28, 2008

Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P.C. Announces Clean Energy Patent Growth Index Results Through 2nd Quarter 2008

By: by Jeff Rothenberg, Esq., Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti


ALBANY, NY-Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P.C., an intellectual property law firm based in Albany, New York, is pleased to announce results for the second quarter of 2008 for the Clean Energy Patent Growth Index (CEPGI) by the firm's Cleantech Group. The CEPGI tracks the granting of patents in the Clean Energy sector and monitors important technological breakthroughs in this field.  Jeff Rothenberg, the firm's managing partner stated, "we are pleased to announce results for the Second Quarter 2008 edition of the Clean Energy Patent Growth Index which illustrates the trend of innovative activity in the vital clean energy sector, and identifies the top patent owners, States and Countries."

The Clean Energy Patent Growth Index (CEPGI) provides an indication of the trend of innovative activity in the Clean Energy sector since 2002 in the U.S., along with Leading Patent Owners and Leading Country and State information.  Results from the second quarter of 2008 reveal the CEPGI to have a value of 217 granted U.S. patents which is down three from the first quarter of 2008 and down from a value of 228 in the second quarter of 2007.

The components breakdown of the CEPGI illustrated in the figure shows fuel cells dominating the other components in absolute numbers, but a downward trend for fuel cell patents begun in the fourth quarter of 2006 continued, falling by 10 relative to the first quarter.  Granted wind and solar patents headed along opposite trajectories for the last two quarters with wind ascending (48) and solar (21) descending.  Hybrid/electric vehicle patents (14) continued their downward trend begun in early 2007.  Tidal/wave energy granted patents continued an upward trend since the third quarter of 2007 with 10, up 1 relative to the first quarter.

GE overtook Honda for the gold medal (in this Olympic month) in the patent chase for the most new granted clean energy patents in the second quarter with 17 followed by Honda with 13.  GE's patents (12 of 17) were overwhelmingly wind power related while Honda's (12 of 13) were predominantly fuel cell related.  General Motors grabbed bronze with 11 on the strength of its fuel cell patents.  Aloys Wobben, who is the head of Enercon GmbH, a German wind turbine company, holds fourth place with 8.  Automotive companies continued their strong showing with Nissan (7) and Toyota (6) in the fifth and sixth spots on the strength of their fuel cell efforts.  Samsung (5) placed 7th while Toshiba (4) and Matsushita Electric (4) tied, all of which were related to fuel cells.  Individual inventor Dennis Fernandez rounded out the top 10 with three fuel cell related patents.

Japan continued to lead the U.S. states and other countries which have historically contended for the geographical clean energy patent crown.  Japan, New York and California had an increase in the number of clean energy patents relative to the first quarter.  Germany held steady while  Michigan, Connecticut, and Canada dropped. 

Further information regarding the CEPGI is available at  Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P.C., celebrating its 38th anniversary this year, is dedicated exclusively to representing clients in the protection and commercialization of intellectual property, both domestic and foreign, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. The firm has gained national recognition in the area of Intellectual Property Law and was listed among the "Top Patent Firms" and "Top Trademark Firms" in Intellectual Property Law Today.