September 25, 2006

Edward M. Cupoli, Professor And Head Of The NanoEconomics Constellation at CNSE, Discusses Nanotechnology's Impact On The Economy

By: by Edward Cupoli, Times Union


``Education, particularly as it relates to understanding and utilizing cutting-edge technologies that will drive our future economy, is at the heart of helping the Capital Region address future labor needs.

``In fact, with the steadfast vision and support of New York's elected officials, this region has already made a bold step forward with the creation of the world's first college devoted to the most enabling and powerful science of the 21st century -- nanotechnology -- which is impacting every industry, including health care, community and social services and education, as cited by Dr. Deitz in his presentation.

``UAlbany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE), created in 2004 and named the nation's No. 1 college for nanotechnology this year, is charting a new course that is designed to prepare our future work force to build careers in an increasingly high-tech economy. The success of CNSE is evident not only in the attraction of leading global companies to our region, creating significant insourcing of both capital investment and high-quality jobs -- which mean a chance for our youth to stay in the region -- but more importantly, by providing educational opportunities through innovative curricula and work force development programs that are preparing youth for these employment prospects.

``CNSE's next-generation curriculum plays a key role in the effort, with hands-on training that makes use of unparalleled state-of-the-art facilities and innovative courses of study in areas like nanoeconomics, through which tomorrow's leaders in science and research are also being educated and trained in the business side of technology. That piece is critical in ensuring that this region has a distinct competitive edge: a work force that is able to meet the new challenges brought about by the global economy, no matter what industry they work in.

``The upstate economy has a comparative advantage in quality higher education, led by the creation and presence of CNSE. By building on that strength, and by utilizing a pioneering strategy that has attracted high-quality, high-paying jobs, billions of dollars in investment and leading global companies to New York and the Capital Region, we have an unprecedented chance to show global leadership in turning the challenge of addressing our future work force needs into an opportunity to build the economy of the future.''