March 15, 2006

McNulty Announces Fuel Cell Deal

By: by Michael Wojnar, Press Secretary, Congressman Michael McNulty


Washington, DC: Congressman Michael R. McNulty (D-Green Island) announced today that MTI MicroFuel Cells (MTI Micro) of Albany, a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology Incorporated (NASDAQ:MKTY), and the developer of Mobion® micro fuel cell technology for handheld electronic devices, will produce fuel cell evaluation kits for the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate in Rome, New York (AFRL-Rome).  The purchase order includes the delivery of a small number of MTI Micro’s 30-watt platform fuel cells (Mobion®-30), fuel refills, and initial training and technical support.

AFRL — Rome intends to use these fuel cell evaluation kits in its program for the development of satellite communication (SATCOM) terminals for the Special Operations Forces (SOCOM) unit.  McNulty said, “The integration of MTI Micro's fuel cell technology into these SATCOM transmission systems will make them easier to carry and transport to different locations.  This initiative is helping to create a solution that provides substantial weight reductions and mobility benefits to deployed airmen.”

MTI Micro Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Juan Becerra, said, “The Mobion®-30 units are a great solution to the military’s current and emerging power needs.  This lightweight and compact system is designed to power multiple electronic devices like the SATCOM units -- eliminating the need to carry multiple batteries.  We are excited by the opportunity to support the needs of the AFRL — Rome Research Site with this program.” 

The Mobion®-30 units will feature technology elements partially developed under contract with the US ARMY Communications Electronic Research and Development Command (CERDEC) and announced by McNulty in 2005.

“We would like to express our appreciation for the efforts of Congressman McNulty in paving the way for the growth of a fuel cell industry and other advanced technologies in the Capital District,” said Dr. William Acker, CEO of MTI Micro. 

McNulty added, “I am very excited that this technology is being created in my district, as part of the Tech Valley initiative.  The Capital Region is fast becoming a hub for high-tech companies and an epicenter for technology innovation. Today, the Tech Valley region covers 18 counties and is home to more than 1,000 technology companies, employs over 50,000 people, and generates an annual payroll of $2 billion and an annual economic impact of $5 billion. MTI Micro is part of this initiative and is a prime example of a firm that is creating jobs and new technologies to solve critical problems.”