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EHS Procedures and Forms
CFM Construction and Facilities Management

CFM-00010 R4 Heating and Cooling (Space Temperature Set-Point) Policy (.PDF)

EHS Environmental, Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and Forms

EHS-00002-F2 R3 SDS Revision Notification Form (.DOC)
EHS-00002-F3 R3 SDS Request Form (.DOC)
EHS-00002-F4 R1 Energetics Form (.DOC)
EHS-00005 R11 Chemical Handling and Storage Requirements (.PDF)
EHS-00005-F1 R3 Flammable Liquids Cabinet Inventory Form (.DOC)
EHS-00006 R3 Cryogenic Liquids (.PDF)
EHS-00008 R6 Lockout-Tagout during Repair and Maint. Operations (.PDF)
EHS-00008-F1 R3 LOTO Equipment Checklist Procedure (.DOC)
EHS-00008-F2 R3 LOTO Audit Checklist (.DOC)
EHS-00008-F3 R3 Authorization for Removal of LOTO (.DOC)
EHS-00008-F4 R3 LOTO Authorized Personnel Classroom Test (.DOC)
EHS-00008-F5 R3 Control of Hazardous Energy Log (.DOC)
EHS-00011 R3 Gas Cylinder Handling Procedure (.DOC)
EHS-00012 R5 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control (.PDF)
EHS-00012-F1 R3 Bloodborne Pathogen Post Exposure Checklist (.DOC)
EHS-00012-F2 R3 Health Resources Consent for Serology Testing (.DOC)
EHS-00012-F3 R3 EH&S Consent for Serology Testing (.DOC)
EHS-00012-F4 R3 Hepatitis B Vaccine Form (.DOC)
EHS-00012-F5 R3 Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form (.DOC)
EHS-00012-F6 R3 Bloodborne Pathogen Training Program Quiz (.DOC)
EHS-00012-F7 R5 First Aid Report (.DOC)
EHS-00014 R6 Hearing Conservation Program (.PDF)
EHS-00015 R7 CNSE Respiratory Protection Program (.PDF)
EHS-00015-F1 R3 Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (.DOC)
EHS-00015-F2 R3 Medical Determination for Respirator Use (.DOC)
EHS-00015-F3 R3 In-House Breathable Air System Inspection Log (.DOC)
EHS-00015-F4 R3 Scott Air-Pak and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Inspection Log (.DOC)
EHS-00016 R10 Equipment & Process Change Mgmt Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00016-F1 R15 New Equipment and Process Change Checklist (.DOC)
EHS-00016-F7 R3 New Area - Laboratory Checklist (.DOC)
EHS-00016-F8 R3 Non Ion Radiation Survey Sheet (.DOC)
EHS-00016-F9 R4 New Equipment Installation and Process Change Management Application (.DOC)
EHS-00017 R13 Equipment Commissioning Procedure (.PDF)
EHS-00017-F1 R22 Equipment Commissioning Checklist (.DOC)
EHS-00017-F2 R6 Tool Owner Matrix Form (.DOC)
EHS-00017-F3 R3 EHS Equipment Safety Compliance Inspection Checklist (.DOC)
EHS-00019 R6 Specification and SOP for ERT Organization (.PDF)
    View External Appendices for EHS-00019
      EHS-00019-F1 R3 ERT Emergency Response Report (.DOC)
      EHS-00019-F2 R5 Odor Investigation Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00019-F3 R2 ERT Monthly Meeting Minutes (.DOC)
      EHS-00019-F4 R2 ERT Corrective Action Report (.DOC)
      EHS-00019-F5 R2 ERT Incident Critique Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00019-F6 R2 Level A Suit Disposition Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00019-F7 R2 Monitoring In-Progress Alert Tag (.DOC)
      EHS-00019-F8 R2 Level “A” Gowning Order Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00019-F9 R2 Entry Team Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00019-F10 R3 ERT Job Bid Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00019-F11 R1 ERT Spill Report Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00022 R10 Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan (.PDF)
      EHS-00022A R1 External Appendix A - Release / Threatened Release Reporting Guidelines (.PDF)
      EHS-00023 R3 ERT Equipment and Supplies PM Procedure (.PDF)
      EHS-00024 R16 Building Evacuation Plan Instruction (.PDF)
      EHS-00024-F1 R5 Rally Point Coordinator Headcount Sheet (.DOC)
      EHS-00024-F2 R7 Evacuation Response and Drill Record (.DOC)
      EHS-00026 R7 CNSE Safety and Wellness Reporting Program (.PDF)
      EHS-00026-F2 R3 Supervisor’s Accident - Injury Investigation Report (.DOC)
      EHS-00026-F4 R3 Near Miss Report Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00026-F7 R2 UA RF – Employee Accident & Investigation Report (.DOC)
      EHS-00027 R6 EHS Training (.PDF)
      EHS-00031 R20 TGMS Procedure (.PDF)
      EHS-00031-F1 R10 Gas Detector Point Monitoring Request Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F2 R3 Hazardous Gas Monitoring Process Checklist Sign-Off Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F3 R2 Inputs and Outputs Matrix (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F4 R3 Monitoring Device Calibration Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F5 R2 Strobe Lights and Horns Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F6 R2 Heat Detector Condition Test Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F7 R2 Pressure Transducer Condition Test Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F8 R2 Gas Detector Condition Test Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F9 R2 Maintenance Mode Warning Sign (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F10 R2 TGMS Testing Sign Location Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F11 R2 TGMS Testing Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-F12 R2 TGMS Tool Signal Worksheet (.DOC)
      EHS-00031-T1 R1 TGMS Testing NOTICE Template (.DOC)
      EHS-00033 R2 EHS Council Charter (.PDF)
      EHS-00035 R3 Powered Industrial Vehicles (.PDF)
      EHS-00035-F1 R2 Powered Industrial Trucks Test Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00035-F2 R2 Performance Test for Forklift Operators (.DOC)
      EHS-00035-F3 R2 Forklift Inspection Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00037 R4 Equipment Decontamination Procedure (.PDF)
      EHS-00038 R3 Facility Modification Sign-off Process (.PDF)
      EHS-00038-F1 R4 Design Review Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00038-F2 R3 Final Inspection Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00041 R3 Fall Protection (.PDF)
      EHS-00048 R5 Laser Safety Policy (.PDF)
      EHS-00048-F1 R4 Requirements for Class 3B and 4 Lasers (.DOC)
      EHS-00049 R7 Toxic Gas Monitoring Evacuation Plan (.PDF)
      EHS-00049-F1 R2 Cleanroom Evacuation Response Report (.DOC)
      EHS-00051 R2 Mechanical Safety Program (.PDF)
      EHS-00052 R4 Arsenic Protection Program (.PDF)
      EHS-00053 R5 Local Exhaust Ventilation Requirement (.PDF)
      EHS-00056 R4 Bio-Safety Procedure (.PDF)
      EHS-00056-F1 R3 Bio-Safety Level 1 (BL-1) Laboratory Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00056-F2 R3 Bio-Safety Level 2 (BL-2) Laboratory Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00056-F3 R1 Biological Awareness Risk Assessment (.DOC)
      EHS-00057 R5 Safe Handling of Arsenic Doped Wafers (.PDF)
      EHS-00058 R5 Material Handling and Storage (.PDF)
      EHS-00059 R4 TGMS Off-Hours Contact Procedure (.PDF)
      EHS-00060 R3 EHS External Audit Policy (.PDF)
      EHS-00061 R4 Hazardous Waste Operating Record (.PDF)
      EHS-00061-F1 R2 Air Emission Control Equipment Inspection Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00061-F2 R2 Solvent Waste Storage Tank Inspection Checklist (WWT1) (.DOC)
      EHS-00061-F3 R2 Solvent Waste Storage Tank Inspection Checklist (WWT2) (.DOC)
      EHS-00061-F4 R2 Monthly Volatile Organic Compounds Monitoring Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00063 R2 Pandemic Preparedness Plan (.PDF)
      EHS-00064 R9 Requirements for Equipment Specifications (.PDF)
      EHS-00064-F1 R2 Leak Check Data Sheet (.DOC)
      EHS-00066 R5 Radiation Safety Program (.PDF)
      EHS-00066-F1 R2 Maintenance Ionizing Radiation Survey Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00066-F2 R1 Radiation Device Inventory (.DOC)
      EHS-00066-F3 R1 Radiation Survey Sheet (.DOC)
      EHS-00066-F4 R1 Non-Ionizing Radiation Equipment Inventory (.DOC)
      EHS-00066-F5 R1 Laser Inventory Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00066-F6 R1 Radiation Sealed Source Inventory (.DOC)
      EHS-00067 R3 Cranes, Hoist, Lift and Sling Policy (.PDF)
      EHS-00067-F1 R2 Crane, Hoist and Lift Inspection Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00067-F2 R2 Sling Inspection Checklist (.DOC)
      EHS-00067-F3 R3 Crane, Hoist, Lift and Sling Inventory Form (.DOC)
      EHS-00068 R2 Handling and Storage of Engineered Nanomaterials (.PDF)
      EHS-00069 R2 Natural Disaster Emergency Preparedness Plan (.PDF)
      EHS-00070 R4 DOT Hazmat Security Plan (.PDF)
      EHS-00071 R1 EHS Tenant Council Charter (.PDF)
      EHS-00072 R2 Specification For Lift Stations (.PDF)
             EHS-00072A R1 External Appendix A Complete Lift Station List (.PDF)
             EHS-00072B R1 External Appendix B Equipment Support Team Annual Inspection
             Sheet (.PDF)
             EHS-00072C R1 External Appendix C FOG Annual Inspection Sheet (.PDF)
             EHS-00072D R1 External Appendix D TEL Annual Inspection Sheet (.PDF)
             EHS-00072E R1 External Appendix E SEMATECH Annual Inspection Sheet (.PDF)

      EHS-00075 R3 SPR Spill Response Plan (.PDF)
      EHS-00076 R2 Specification & SOP for Solvent Management Plan (.PDF)
      EHS-00078 R1 SPCC: Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan (.PDF)
      EHS-00079 R1 Handling Unapproved Chemicals Received at CNSE (.PDF)
      EHS-00080 R1 SUNY CNSE Minor Facility Access Policy (.PDF)
      EHS-00081 R1 EHS Accident - Incident Reporting Escalation Process (.PDF)
      EHS-00083 R1 OSHA Accident Reporting (.PDF)
      EHS-00083-F1 R1 OSHA Incident Reporting Form (.DOC)

      SSM Site Services Management
      SSM-01003 R2 CNSE Fire Protection Impairment Procedure (.PDF)
      SSM-01003-F1 R2 CNSE Fire-watch Log Sheet (.DOC)
      SSM-01003-F2 R2 CNSE Fire System Impairment Worksheet (.DOC)