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IC Fabrication and Yield Control Course

Learn the basics of chip fabrication from an expert - from basic transistors to step-by-step build sequences.

The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) presents

Integrated Circuit Fabrication and Yield Control

A two-day course ideal for engineers, technicians, sales persons, account managers, executives and others who need basic fabrication knowledge and perspective to deal effectively with customers and make informed decisions.

Dr. Ernest Levine’s specialty is chip fabrication. A faculty member at CNSE, Levine draws upon his 25 years of semiconductor manufacturing experience at IBM, working on diverse problems associated with building devices and interconnects. His lively, engaging style is top-rated by past course attendees.

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Who should attend:

Engineers, technicians, sales persons, account managers and executives. This course is ideal for those who need basic fabrication knowledge and perspective to deal effectively with customers and make informed decisions.

Tuition for the two-day course is $1,275, which includes continental breakfast and lunch both days, plus notes of the course.

To Register for the future courses, send an email to elevine@albany.edu with the class date in the subject line and include your company name, address and phone number in the email.

Upcoming Course Dates:

The next course dates are April 15 to 16, 2014, if you are interested in attending this course, please contact elevine@albany.edu.

This course can also be taught at your place of business – call Dr. Levine for details.

Course Details:

The two day IC Fabrication and Yield Control course starts from an introduction to the fabrication (fab) plant and understanding of terms commonly used by fab workers. Inlcuded in the extended introduction are common shaping methodologies used in build today, yield control strategies, concepts of inline test, capacitors and PN junctions as well as the basics of FET operation. It then proceeds in the first day to build the background and knowledge for participants to understand where logic chip build is today and where it will be in the next 5 years including such continuing improvements in chip performance due to enhancements in mobility, high k gates both gate first and replacement gates as well as future changes in structures such as ETSOI and 3d interconnects. Included in this section will be step by step build of trigate and ETSOI as well as concepts of Ion, Ioff, gate leakage, and Vdd all of which lead to an understanding of the current and future paths of the industry. Developments and understanding needed for 22 nm and 14 nm node are covered in this day and first part of 2nd day. Copious cross sections are used to illustrate all structures discussed. You will be able to discuss this material with anybody.

Second day will include step build of logic from devices to interconnects showing typical defects and hard spots as we progress. Since logic is the backbone of dram the course will also cover this subject time permitting.. Included will be beol interconnect technology such as via first and self aligned via and techniques such as OCD, bright and dark field inspection used to control the line. Litho techniques now and in the future such as double patterning and sidewall patterning.etc. as well as status of EUV. Very comprehensive and starts from the atom so all can understand

Anyone dealing with a fab today must understand these concepts to effectively talk to fab engineers and managers from a position of knowledge and strength. You cant help them if you don’t understand the process. Whether you are in sales, marketing, wafer inspection, final chip inspection, metrology you need to know these concepts and this class will start from the beginning and get you to a point that will enable you to understand these multifaceted aspects of the fabrication process.

Many have said this is the best course on IC fabrication they have ever taken!

Here's what attendees from past IC Fab classes have to say:

"I wanted to again thank you for the excellent course last week, I have an order of magnitude more understanding of Semi device manufacture and design now that I have attended your course. I routinely have to read articles and now I really get it !!"
- David Clark, Coherent Inc

"I like the way Professor Levine explained all the basic steps, showed real life examples of them, and then tied it all together at the end with a sample build. It was great. The instructor's candid explanations of various subjects was also appreciated."
- Matt Malloy, SEMATECH

"It was a great class. The content met my need to understand the whole process."
- Q. Chen, Cookson Electronics

"I liked the fact that a tremendous amount of information was available and covered in two short days. I like moving quickly through material. The slides were good in that they were packed with ‘notes' to provide a refresher later on. I am glad Ernie is current on today's processes. I especially appreciated Ernie's enthusiasm and knowledge. He is a real kick! "
- Todd Lynch, SiliconImage

"Total relevance to my work in the semiconductor industry. Excellent up-to-date course materials that will serve as a valuable reference long after the course. Ernie has genuine focus on helping the students to understand the material. He has a talent for explaining abstruse semiconductor terminology in easy understandable terms. Ernie's frank, up-front style takes some time to adapt to, but within an hour of the start of the course, I was in the groove and learning a ton. Thanks Ernie! I have already recommended this course to my colleagues."
- Ian Cook, AMD

“Your class was one of the best that I’ve taken. It was focused, organized, energetic and the material sunk in. I walked away meeting the objective that you established (being able to talk shop with fab people) *and* understanding the technology drivers (how a fet works, timing, etc.) that dictate the fab methods. It was great. Thanks.”
- Walter Dauksher, Avago Technologies

“I would recommend your course, and have, to everyone. I have raved about it to my colleagues.”
- Michael Danylchuk, Soitec Sales Manager

“...[what] sets the course far apart is your presentation style... you successfully demystify what can be enigmatic topics.”
- Troy Metcalf, BOC Edwards

“I have attended many work shops and tutorials over the years and typically I come away very disappointed that the material presented was of poor quality and not what I expected. Not the case with your class; the only disappointment was that it had to come to an end. I want to thank you for sharing your years of education and process knowledge with an understanding and 'passion' that I haven’t seen in quite some time! I certainly will be able to discuss many fabrication processes with a better understanding and certainly with a level of confidence that I never had. Once again... many thanks.”
- Thomas J. Zanatta, Symbol Technologies Inc.