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UAlbany Students Look to Connect with SUNY CNSE's World-Class Educational Opportunities

NanoCollege’s cutting-edge Nanoeconomics Undergraduate Research Group provides SUNY students access to 21st Century skills and know-how

Albany, NY – As the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) continues to support the State University of New York’s (SUNY) education-to-career pipeline, students are finding unique, high-tech internship opportunities at the NanoCollege. These challenging academic experiences are allowing current SUNY students to leverage CNSE’s statewide footprint, state-of-the-art facilities, and globally recognized capabilities to open up exciting career paths.

Among the students benefitting from CNSE’s statewide educational ecosystem, three University at Albany (UAlbany) undergraduates will be taking their business education to the next level by accepting positions with the Nanoeconomics Undergraduate Research Group at the NanoCollege. For 10 hours per week during the Spring 2014 semester and 40 hours each week during the summer, the students will be utilizing and creating business models and methods to help entrepreneurs, corporations, and policymakers figure out and implement the best practices for growing the state’s innovation economy in the most efficient way.

“As these students move beyond what they’ve learned in the classroom and now use their knowledge to create real-world economic models, they will not only gain one-of-a-kind experience, they will also be improving our understanding of what makes the nanotechnology-based economy so successful as they evaluate the best means to create even more high-tech opportunities in New York State,” said CNSE Assistant Professor of Nanoeconomics Dr. Unnikrishnan Pillai, who mentors the students taking part in the research group. “This exciting education will surely open up countless opportunities for these students as they gain unique skill sets as a result of having a first-row seat to the global, high-tech revolution that is centered right in this state.”

Sophomores Kaita Albanese, an accounting and business administration double major, Bianca Tedesco, an economics major, and Dazhi Su, a finance major, will work to address critical questions related to the creation, adoption, and impact of nanotechnology. They say it is a thrilling opportunity to advance their SUNY education and gain first-hand experience analyzing and better understanding the trends driving New York’s expanding high-tech economy.

The students said that this one-of-a-kind opportunity is providing them with a hands-on approach to learning that uses real-world research to advance industry and job growth. It’s a first-class education that connects them with real life learning and career scenarios that they might not otherwise have been able to obtain from a more traditional college experience.

“This is like nothing I could have gotten anywhere else – it’s the place to be, and there are so many directions that you can go,” said Kaita Albanese, who plans on studying models of semiconductor industry supply chain coordination to quantify the best ways to further grow New York’s high-tech industry. “I think this will definitely make me more knowledgeable with real-world experience which always helps. I think that’s always better than classroom knowledge.”

“This is really exciting - lots of opportunities can come from this,” nanoeconomics research group intern Bianca Tedesco said. “It’s research in general that will give me a step up compared to anyone when I apply to jobs or to grad school in the future.” Tedesco added, “It will make me better in the actual real world – in the job world - where I will be for the rest of my life after I graduate from school. Even though this is just an internship, this is much more advanced and much more professional than anything I’ve ever had.”

The students agreed that being connected to CNSE’s unique academic environment and statewide reach will strongly enhance their SUNY UAlbany education.

“The experience I will acquire and the skill sets I will learn will be crucial for my future career,” said Dazhi Su, who also accepted an internship position with the Nanoeconomics Undergraduate Research Group. “It’s really a major step in my life. Think about someone who can work with top researchers or engineers - if you can be a part of this, think about the skills that you learn along the way.”

Dazhi said CNSE offers a research experience and a career trajectory that are opening a new world for him. “For my career,” he said, “there’s potential that I could be a full-time employee in New York State.”


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