5/7/2014 9:52:59 AM

CleantechNYconnect: Cleantech Startups Compete and Win in the New York Business Plan Competition


The final round of the 5th New York Business Plan Competition took place on Friday, April 25, at the State University of New York College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE), with more than a dozen student cleantech startups competing.

Goodlight LLC, a company that has developed a method to make LEDs cheaper and more efficient, won the top prize in the Energy/Sustainability category. The startup, founded by three CNSE doctoral candidates, has developed a method to correct the defects that are so prevalent in LED semiconducting materials.

Goodlight is one of the newest members of the Incubators for Collaborating & Leveraging Energy And Nanotechnology (iCLEAN). The CNSE-operated incubator is one of six cleantech incubators funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

This year, more than 560 student-led startups competed in the event overall, with 92 teams from across New York State making it to the final round from their regional competitions. Finalist teams presented in front of a panel of more than 30 judges, who included venture capitalists, angel investors, investment bankers and seasoned entrepreneurs.

“To go from an idea in a lab to standing up and presenting a product in front of a packed audience has been an incredible experience,” said Jack Bulmer, the company’s chief technology officer.

Cleantech Startups as an Integral Part of the Competition

Cleantech startups have always been an integral part of this statewide business plan competition.

“The exciting research projects that begin in the lab, get developed, and are presented in the competition as viable clean-energy-based technologies by students from CNSE — and colleges and universities from around the State — are proof that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s education pipeline is paying dividends for New York State,” said Dr. Pradeep Haldar, vice president of entrepreneurship innovation and clean-energy programs. Haldar, who specializes in alternative energy technologies, fuel cells and solar power, also is the head of the Nanoeconomics Constellation.

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