10/25/2013 11:50:22 AM

Utica Observer-Dispatch: Nano bringing a new attitude but changes to come slowly

Utica Observer-Dispatch

The nanotechnology initiatives in Marcy have been called “transformational” and “a game changer” that will bring the Mohawk Valley back to its former glory.

But what will it mean for the average resident who isn’t looking to get one of the thousands of high-tech jobs expected to land here?

In an area that’s been repeatedly sucker punched by lofty announcements that didn’t bear fruit, area residents are understandably skeptical the developments will mean anything for them.

This time will be different, said local officials and those from Albany, where a nanotechnology economy already has taken root.

Utica-based pollster John Zogby said he can sense a change in the air, and that the community is beginning to turn around on its own.

“The nanotechnology development is not taking place in a vacuum,” he said. “There have already been positive developments and a changed attitude in the community.”

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