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Glauconix – SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

The New York Business Plan Competition (NYBPC) was a great learning experience, from the moment we decided to participate and began to prepare our business model, all the way to the finals. It allowed us to think critically in formulating a business plan/model that would have the greatest chance of commercialization success. Winning the NYBPC was an incredible way to launch our business. The cash and in-kind prizes will be instrumental in commercializing our business venture. The grand prize is helping us develop our technology, and afford necessary business development services which, for most start-ups, are cost prohibitive. Additionally, the constructive investor feedback helped prepare us for future meetings with potential investors. We would recommend any New York State student start-up to participate in the NYBPC.

-Karen Torrejon, Founder & CEO
2014 Grand Prize Winner

KettleShell – Ithaca College

The New York State Business Plan Competition was an incredible opportunity to not only secure financial support to facilitate the growth of our company, but provided the chance to meet and network with successful entrepreneurs and investors as well. In addition, the competition brings together the top student-run companies within the state, and it is impressive to see the work that other students have done. The funding and guidance that we have received is truly invaluable, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event. I highly recommend that students take advantage of the incredible opportunity that New York has provided, and look forward to hearing about the successes of future companies that participate in the event.

-Tim Reynolds, Founder & CEO
2014 Products/Services Winner

Goodlight – SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

The New York State Business Plan Competition is a unique opportunity for students across the state to showcase their ideas in a competitive forum. It is a great networking and fundraising opportunity for real, student-led companies. It was an honor to compete against and interact with other student entrepreneurs and the quality of the presentations was remarkable. The feedback from the judges was invaluable and will help us to revise our pitch going forward, and the prize money and in-kind services will be critical to the development of our young company. Additionally, the publicity we gained through this competition has allowed us to establish relationships with other companies and potential investors which will drive our growth going forward. As a whole, it was a great experience for our team and we look forward to the continued success of the business plan competition and its participants.

-Jack Bulmer, Co-Founder & CTO
2014 Energy/Sustainability Winner

Adept Advancements – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

It was an honor to participate in the 2014 New York State Business Plan Competition. The program gave us the opportunity to network and pitch before investors and many talented entrepreneurs. We found the feedback from the judges to be very useful and will use it as guidance going forward. Winning first place in the Nanotechnology/Advanced Technology track of the competition helped further validate our technology, value proposition, and business model. I am also confident that prize money will prove instrumental in our push toward commercialization as we push forward to meet our milestones.

-Jonathan Ashdown, Founder & CEO
2014 Nanotechnology/Advanced Technology Winner

Imagine Soap – Rochester Institute of Technology

Not merely competition, the New York Business Plan Competition presents a whirlwind of opportunity wherein a company can truly kick-start well beyond funds solicitation. Charting from penning the first 2-page business plan proposal, to regional challenge, to finals in Albany, there's hardly a more fulfilling and validating process by which to vet ideas, navigate and accept critiques, and sculpt the methods, messages, and vision of a company to surpass muster of seasoned investors. Imagine Soap not only won its category outright, but was able to learn from the multitude of other companies present, connecting with other visionary students and industry leaders. There's no better way to move an idea forward than sharing it with a larger community, regardless of who finishes first.

-Brendan Gordon, Co-Founder & CEO
2014 Social Entrepreneurship/Non-Profit Winner

Resumazing – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The New York Business Plan Competition didn't just give us money, it also provided us with multiple stages of invaluable feedback, customer validation, and exposure. We went to the regional competition as a bunch of engineers with a cool technology, and the feedback we received helped us make it so much more. We returned to the state finals with a business and were immediately put in front of some of NY's best VCs, angels, and CEOs. We can't believe how helpful the whole process has been. It has accelerated our progress many times over.

- Kevin Lyman, Co-Founder & CEO
2014 Information Technology/Software Winner

WordsEye – Columbia University

The competition was an amazing opportunity not only to present our business plan and ideas to a group of investors and entrepreneurs with proven track records, but also to hear the presentations of other students with cutting edge ideas. By winning the New York Business Plan Competition, we have been fortunate to receive tremendous support from the various law, accounting, and consulting firms that have offered their services on an in-kind basis. The platform this competition gives students is unprecedented and it’s great to see New York State getting involved with student entrepreneurs at the grassroots stage. I highly recommend this competition to anyone thinking about launching a business and I hope the State continues this annual program.

-Neelam Brar, Co-Founder
2013 Grand Prize Winner

Eonix – SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

The New York Business Plan Competition is critical in helping underdeveloped ideas become concrete business opportunities. The preparation for the regional competition helped our company gather the necessary information and answer poignant questions at an early stage. This proved valuable because it helped us narrow down our target market, and enabled us to win 1st place in the Energy/Sustainability category. The program provides networking, guidance, and financial support, and we hope it continues to grow. These opportunities have made it one of the most valuable activities Eonix’s members have participated in throughout their entire time as entrepreneurial-minded students.

-Michael Rizzolo, Co-Founder & CEO
2013 Energy / Sustainability Winner

Innovative Delivery Systems – Clarkson University

It was a great opportunity to participate in the New York Business Plan Competition again in 2013. The competition was especially tough this year and therefore attaining a first place win in our category was a great accomplishment for our entire team. This success and the publicity we received, has enabled our company to meet with potential investors to accelerate our growth and meet the demands of our clients that are lined up to pilot our mobile ordering system in their venues. In addition, the feedback we received from the judges and audience was invaluable.

-Andrew Wegner, Co-Founder & Vice President
2013 Products / Services Winner

Empire Biotechnologies – SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

The New York Business Plan Competition was a tremendously exciting experience for our young company. Earning first place in our track was a great honor that yielded extraordinary recognition as well as the substantial prize money and in-kind services. Speaking with and receiving feedback from the investor judges gave our company crucial insight to developing a successful business plan and how to express that through our pitch. It was also an honor to interact with all of the other talented student entrepreneurs across the state and learn about their ideas and what drives them. I look forward to observing the future success of all participants in the competition.

-Steve Kasper, Founder & CEO
2013 Biotechnology / Healthcare Winner

DeansList – Columbia University

Competing in the New York Business Plan was one of the best experiences I have had as a student. The program paired me with a great mentor who continues to advise me beyond the competition. Going up against such a talented and diverse group of businesses forced me to step up my game as an entrepreneur and presenter. The generous prize money we won gives me the flexibility to work on DeansList full-time this summer while we raise our seed round of funding.

-Matt Robins, Co-Founder & CTO
2013 Social Entrepreneurship / Non-Profit Winner

CoReliability – SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

The New York Business Plan Competition provided an excellent opportunity for CoReliability to gain exposure to investors and scientists interested in our technology. The competition encouraged us to share the information we have been developing here at CNSE with business professionals besides strictly scientific experts. We believe that the experience has provided us the financial opportunity to create a business and a new perspective on how to present scientific data to investment communities.

-Brian McGowan, Founder & CEO
2013 Nanotechnology / Advanced Technology Winner

Strong Arm Technologies – Rochester Institute of Technology

It was such an honor to be chosen as the runner up in the 2011 New York State Business Competition. The fact that we got to compete was an accomplishment in and of itself. Competing in the competition in 2011 gave our start-up the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and investors that influenced our growth and led to our eventual victory in 2012. The feedback and criticism we received from the New York entrepreneurial ecosystem has been invaluable. Beyond the prize money, the in-kind services provided to us have played an integral role in our young company. The winnings as a whole provided a tool and foundation to make our company a success. We strongly recommend this competition to any start-up or entrepreneur.

-Sean Petterson, Co-Founder & CEO
2012 Grand Prize Winner

Empire Robotics – Cornell University

Participating in the NYS Business Plan Competition got Empire Robotics kick started in a few very important ways. Just preparing for the competition, we suddenly had some structure and a goal to work toward as an early idea forming into a company. We sought out mentors and refined our story, seeking answers to questions we hadn't even thought to ask yet. In the competition, we got to experience the professionalism and energy of the other teams and organizers which made our whole pursuit seem more real and achievable. As a result of taking first place in our track, we received overwhelming support from the judges, audience, and other participants. We have since received outstanding legal and accounting advice, been approached by several investors at the event with interest in our company, and we've been propelled to a whole new level with our business plan. Without this competition, we might still be thinking about starting a business with our cool idea.

-Bill Culley, Co-Founder & President
2012 Clean Energy / Sustainability / Nanotechnology / High Tech Winner

ShowCode – Syracuse University

The New York State Business Plan Competition was a fantastic opportunity for ShowCode. In addition to the prize money, which has been instrumental in allowing ShowCode to develop and grow, we made connections with the judges, members of the audience, and other competitors that have pushed our product to another level. If nothing else, the feedback we received was crucial to our development and we are grateful to the NYSBPC for the opportunity to compete and for the success we have experienced since the competition.

-Nathan Aleskovsky, Founder & CEO
2012 Information Technology / Software Winner


Innovative Delivery Systems – Clarkson University

It was a great honor to participate in the New York State Business Plan Competition. It was an amazing achievement to win first place in our category for our entire team, especially since we were freshman students competing against many of whom were upperclassmen and graduate students. This success enabled our company to take off and bring our product to market with help from the various resources acquired through this competition. In addition, the feedback we received was very invaluable.

-Andrew Wegner, Co-Founder & Vice President
2012 Products / Services Winner

HELIOS – Syracuse University

All in all, it was honor to have been accepted as one of the participating companies for the health care track in the New York State Business Plan Competition. We saw this competition as chance to receive a great deal of exposure not only in NY, but also nationwide. Conveying our message to the judges and coming out triumphant meant more to us than any seed money attached to the title of being #1 in New York State. This allowed us to transform our medical technology idea into a progressive company working on a variety of different products that will have a strong and positive contribution to the health care industry.

-Luis Romo, Co-Founder & CEO
2011 Grand Prize Winner

B.E.S.S. Technologies – SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

The 2010 Tech Valley Business Competition was the genesis of B.E.S.S. Technologies as a company. Winning the competition allowed us to transform an interesting idea into a promising business in the energy storage field, and was a fundamental step towards securing our IP and receiving over $500,000 in public funding. We encourage companies from all over the world to participate in this event that will surely act as an accelerating force for the development of entrepreneurial ventures.

-Fernando Gómez-Baquero, Co-Founder & CEO
2010 Grand Prize Winner

Radiator Labs – Columbia University

The New York State Business Plan Competition was a fantastic opportunity for our young company to get early feedback from seasoned entrepreneurs on our idea and execution. We were given great advice, met a ton of like-minded individuals, and made entrepreneurial and industrial connections that have become integral to our current and foreseeable future efforts. And the prize money was nice too! We at Radiator Labs whole-heartedly encourage all those with early-stage business ideas to take advantage of this amazing event.

-Marshall Cox, Co-Founder & CEO
2011 Nanotechnology / High Tech Winner

MICROrganic Technologies – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The value of a business plan competition lies outside of the prize money, however appreciated it is by a bootstrapping startup. Receiving criticism and validation from those in the business and investment community, that's where the real value is. The New York State Business Plan Competition gave us a chance to get both, as well as build relationships with those crazy enough to be on the same entrepreneurial path.

-Brent Solina, Co-Founder & President
2011 Clean Energy / Sustainability Winner – Syracuse University

Participating in the New York State Business Plan Competition was a tremendous opportunity that helped both guide and establish Broodr as viable business. With the winning funds we have been able to bootstrap and scale our services at an incredible pace, which would clearly not be possible otherwise. Additionally, the company has made some tremendous contacts through the event. I am very grateful for this experience and recommend anyone with a new or existing business idea to participate!
-Jason Blanck, Founder & CEO
2011 Products / Services Winner

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