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The New York Business Plan Competition (NYBPC) represents a unique opportunity for sponsors collaborating with the program to provide visibility and marketing for their organizations. The NYBPC is the northeast’s leading collegiate business competition and one of the largest in the country. In addition to the targeted marketing strategy deployed by the organizers that actively promotes partners of program, the competition provides the following primary benefits to sponsors:

  • Access to participating students from major college and university communities throughout New York
  • Opportunity to network with top investors as well as other business and political leaders who participate in the program
  • Exposure to the future business leaders of our communities
  • Opportunity to support and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and help advance the technology transfer originating at New York’s leading colleges and universities
  • Opportunity for economic development and job creation through start-up creation

To join the esteemed list of sponsors at the NYBPC, fill out the form below and send the information to Ashley Pillsbury at Please contact Ashley Pillsbury at 518-956-7374 with questions regarding sponsorship of the New York Business Plan competition.

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