8th Annual New York Business Plan Competition

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Prize Information

Teams have the opportunity to win first, second, and third place cash prizes in each of the six tracks. Audience participants use our NYBPC app to select a People’s Choice award in each category. Judges will also be asked to select an Esprit de Corps, an Undergraduate Excellence award, and a Community College distinction award in each category.

The Grand Prize and First Place winners will be contacted by NYBPC staff after the competition on how to claim their prize awards. Teams will receive the first half of their cash prizes once they have submitted the required tax forms to nybpc@sunypoly.edu.

As all NYBPC cash prizes are considered grant awards, teams will be required to work with NYBPC program organizers to develop and meet at least two business development and two technical milestones in order to be eligible for the second half of their prize award. Once the teams and NYBPC staff have agreed upon these milestones, teams will have ninety days to complete the tasks and provide proof of completion to NYBPC organizers to claim the second half of their prize award.

Any teams with questions or concerns throughout this process are encouraged to contact nybpc@sunypoly.edu.

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