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HELIOS – Syracuse University

All in all, it was honor to have been accepted as one of the participating companies for the health care track in the New York State Business Plan Competition. We saw this competition as chance to receive a great deal of exposure not only in NY, but also nationwide. Conveying our message to the judges and coming out triumphant meant more to us than any seed money attached to the title of being #1 in New York State. This allowed us to transform our medical technology idea into a progressive company working on a variety of different products that will have a strong and positive contribution to the health care industry.

-Luis Romo, Co-Founder & CEO
2011 Grand Prize Winner

B.E.S.S. Technologies – College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

The 2010 Tech Valley Business Competition was the genesis of B.E.S.S. Technologies as a company. Winning the competition allowed us to transform an interesting idea into a promising business in the energy storage field, and was a fundamental step towards securing our IP and receiving over $500k in public funding. We encourage companies from all over the world to participate in this event that will surely act as an accelerating force for the development of entrepreneurial ventures.

-Fernando Gómez-Baquero, Co-Founder & CEO
2010 Grand Prize Winner

Radiator Labs – Columbia University

The New York State Business Plan Competition was a fantastic opportunity for our young company to get early feedback from seasoned entrepreneurs on our idea and execution. We were given great advice, met a ton of like-minded individuals, and made entrepreneurial and industrial connections that have become integral to our current and foreseeable future efforts. And the prize money was nice too! We at Radiator Labs whole-heartedly encourage all those with early-stage business ideas to take advantage of this amazing event.

-Marshall Cox, Co-Founder & CEO
2011 Nanotechnology / High Tech Winner

MICROrganic Technologies – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The value of a business plan competition lies outside of the prize money, however appreciated it is by a bootstrapping startup. Receiving criticism and validation from those in the business and investment community, that's where the real value is. The New York State Business Plan Competition gave us a chance to get both, as well as build relationships with those crazy enough to be on the same entrepreneurial path.

-Brent Solina, Co-Founder & President
2011 Clean Energy / Sustainability Winner – Syracuse University

Participating in the New York State Business Plan Competition was a tremendous opportunity that helped both guide and establish Broodr as viable business. With the winning funds we have been able to bootstrap and scale our services at an incredible pace, which would clearly not be possible otherwise. Additionally, the company has made some tremendous contacts through the event. I am very grateful for this experience and recommend anyone with a new or existing business idea to participate!
-Jason Blanck, Founder & CEO
2011 Products / Services Winner

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