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New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium (NY-PEMC)

The New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium (NY-PEMC) is a public-private partnership that will help develop the next generation of materials used on semiconductors. Managed through SUNY Polytechnic Institute's Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (SUNY Poly CNSE), this next generation of semiconductors will enable power devices to get smaller, faster and more efficient as the current material, silicon, has reached its entitlement.

The sites will act as a global “open-innovation” user-shared facility, which will enable the expansion and growth of major corporate partners, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) with a particular emphasis on MWBE firms and enterprises.

GE will be a lead partner in the fab, housed at SUNY Poly CNSE's NanoTech Complex in Albany, which will develop and produce low cost, high performance 6” silicon carbide (SiC) wafers. These SiC-based power electronic devices have significant advantages over silicon (Si), including the capacity to handle much higher frequencies, and temperatures, which decreases the size and cost for companion filtering and cooling systems. Additionally, the devices can be half the size of similar Si devices, providing increased power density and reliability. In its current form, SiC technology can be cost prohibitive to smaller to medium size companies. All NY-PEMC partner companies will have access to state-of-the-art 6” SiC tools and a baseline process flow, contributed by GE, where they can make their own enhancements in preparation for high volume, cost effective manufacturing.

SEMATECH and IBM will be the lead partners in the Rochester fab, which will research and develop next generation technology for gallium nitride (GaN) devices. There are countless applications for GaN, including climate control and management of high value infrastructure (such as data centers and automated manufacturing plants), backup and support of mission critical facilities (hospitals, fire departments, governmental buildings, etc.), green energy development, electric vehicles, passenger rail, commercial and military aircraft and ships, and smart power grid design.

The partnership is enabled by the START-UP NY tax free initiative, in addition to $135 million in New York State funds provided to SUNY Poly CNSE for the establishment of the NY-PEMC facilities, which will attract $365 million in private funds and know-how to support personnel, equipment and process flow, tool installation, facilities and materials for a total 5-year investment of $500 million. Collaboration with SUNY Poly CNSE will enable the expansion and growth of both major corporate partners and small and medium-sized enterprises within a vibrant power electronics device and systems integration eco-system.

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