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Center for Semiconductor Research (CSR)
The Center for Semiconductor Research (CSR), a leading-edge research center valued at more than $1 billion as of October 2010, was established at SUNY Poly in May 2005 through partnerships with the leading companies in the nanoelectronics industry. The CSR is a long-term, multi-phase, joint R&D cooperative program on future computer chip technology nodes beginning with the 32nm computer chip device node. Industry partners within the CSR include IBM, Advanced Micro Devices, SONY, Toshiba, Tokyo Electron, and Applied Materials.

The CSR is truly unique in the academic world in two respects: (a) it is the only center within a university setting that provides full vertical integration of the design, modeling, fabrication, testing, and pilot-prototyping capabilities required to produce the nanochips of the future, beginning with a blanket silicon wafer and ending with workable nanochip demonstration vehicles, and (b) it represents the first time in history that a university “has been placed in the critical path of technology development and deployment” of a high tech corporation.


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