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Case Number Disclosure Title Inventor(s)
S846-320 Process for Etching, Depositing, and Treating Materials Using a Flowing Afterglow (FA) Plasma Technique Corbett, James W.; Yencha, Andrew J.
S836-320 Process for Making Improved Silicon-Germanium Alloys by Low-Temperature Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition Kaloyeros, Alain E.; Corbett, James W.; Barbero, Christopher; Toscano, Paul J.
RN2-09-12 Novel Nanoporous Cathodes for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in High Temperature Fuel Cells Dalavoy, Tulika; Elter, John
RN2-09-03 Being filed with R2-08-12 CSP3 Disclosure IV Brainard, Robert
R99-09-320 Silver Precursors for CVD Processes Welch, John T.;Ngo, Silvana C.;Banger, Kulbinder K.
R99-07-320 Chemical Source and Processes for Tungsten Nitride Deposition Kaloyeros, Alain
Arkles, Barry

R97-04-320 Slicon Based Films Formed from Iodosilane Precursors and Method of Making the Same Kaloyeros, Alain E., Arkles, Barry (Gelest), Chen, Xiaomeng, Endisch, Denis, Lin, Xian
R239-320 Method for Introducing Hydrogen into Semiconductors Corbett, James W.
R2-09-06 1,2-Cyclohexyl Acid Amplifiers (6AB) Renamed: Cyclohexane-1,2-diol derivative acid amplifiers Brainard, Robert
R2-09-03 Dimerized Steric Esters Brainard, Robert
R2-09-02 Acid-Cleavable Polymers for Photoresists Brainard, Robert
R2-08-24 Apparatus and methods for continuously growing carbon nanotubes and graphene sheets Lee, Ji Ung
R2-08-18 Fluidic Devices for Cell Encapsulation and methods of Making Same of Biological applications Bergkvist, Magnus; Cady ,Nathaniel; Gracias, Allison; Xie, Yubling
R2-08-13 being filed with R2-08-12 CSP3 Disclosure III Brainard, Robert
R2-08-12 R2-08-13 and RN2-09-03 are combined into this for filing CSP3 Disclosure II Renamed: PAG Monomers and Scission Polymers for Photoresists Brainard, Robert
R2-08-06 Polymeric Micro-Cantilevers for Ultra-Low Volume Fluid and Living Cell Deposition Cady, Nathaniel C. ;Bergkvist Magnus; Gracias, Allison
R2-08-04 1,2-Diester Acid Amplifiers Brainard, Robert
R2-08-03 Environmental X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Theil, Bradley
R2-08-01 Chain Scission Polyester Polymers for Photoresists (CSP3) Brainard, Robert Revuru, Srividya
R2-07-21 Acid Free Anti reflective Coatings for 193nm Lithography Brainard, Robert
R2-07-20 Silver Ionic Precursor (SIP) films for fabrication of Nanowires Brainard, Robert
R2-07-19 Thermal Base Generators in Combination with Acid Amplifiers Brainard, Robert
R2-07-15 Non-Ionic Self Assembled Monolayer PAGS Brainard, Robert; Reyuru, Srivdya
R2-07-11 Stress Relief Layers for EUV and 193 nm Photoresists EUV Brainard, Robert
R2-07-10 Controllable Surface Roughness Brainard, Robert; Hirschbein, Bernard; Gadre, Anand
R2-06-14 Low temperature Immersion One Ninety-three (LION) Monomers Brainard, Robert
R2-06-13 Chain-Scission/CAMP Hybrid EUV Resists Brainard, Robert
R2-06-12.2 Acid Amplifiers for EUV Photoresists Brainard, Robert
R2-06-12.1 Acid Amplifiers for EUV Photoresists Brainard, Robert
R2-06-11 Resolution Enhancement Solution for 193nm Photoresists Renamed: Composition and Methods for Forming a Self-Aligned Double Pattern Brainard, Robert
R2-06-02 High Index Fluids for 193 nm Immersion Lithography Brainard, Robert; Block, Eric
R2-05-08 Ion beam deflector for FIB sample preparation Lifshin, Eric; Theil, Brad;Levine, Ernie
R2-05-03 Above Room temperature Ferromagnetic Silicon LaBella, Vincent Patrick; Bolduc, Martin; Awo-Affouda, Chaffra; Huang, Mengbing
R2-04-05 Nanosensor networks using optical communication Carpenter Michael A.; Goel, Sanjay; Bush, Stephen F.
R2-04-02 MEMS based self caibrating systems for chemical sensors Carpenter, Michael A.
R2-03-09 Harsh compatable gate material for GaN or SiC Chemical sensor devices Carpenter, Michael A.
R2-03-08 Optical Methods and Systems for Detecting a Constituent in a Gas Containing Oxygen in Harsh Environments Carpenter, Michael A.
R2-03-07 Methods for forming palladium alloy thin films and optical hydrogen sensors employing palladium alloy thin films Carpenter, Michael A.; Zhao, Zhouying
R2-02-02 Method for Enhancing the Resolution of SEM Lifshin, Eric; Moore, Richard
R2-03-06 Novel biosensor using living cells on silicon-based microarrays Castracane, James
RN2-09-04 Novel Acid Amplifiers for Use in Photoresists Brainard, Robert

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