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Position Title: Albany - Vice President for Strategic Partnerships
Employment is with the Research Foundation for SUNY, a private, nonprofit, educational corporation that administers sponsored program activity for the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

Description of Duties:

The Vice President for Strategic Partnerships will oversee, manage, execute and implement the RF for SUNY / SUNY CNSE strategic partnerships that encompass business, research, and economic development that advance SUNY CNSE’s global educational, research, development and commercialization initiatives and that include oversight, management, implementation and execution of real estate transactions and opportunities associated with infrastructure and facilities in support of SUNY CNSE’s statewide mission.

Duties will include, but not be limited to:
  • Oversight and responsibility for SUNY CNSE/RF for SUNY strategic partnerships by implementing and executing SUNY CNSE /RF strategic programs addressing regional, state and national public policy challenges in close coordination with SUNY CNSE/RF technology innovation activities leading to industry alignment between device, system and field level industry-government-academia partnerships, cultivating relationships with critical stakeholders, including corporate partners, national and international government and economic development agencies, and identifying, cultivating and maintaining public private partnership opportunities that support the SUNY CNSE/ RF mission.
  • Oversight and responsibility for executing and implementing business development and economic outreach to advance SUNY CNSE’s research, development, educational, and commercialization initiatives for SUNY CNSE/RF, that includes oversight and management of the implementation of real estate transactions and opportunities associated with infrastructure and facilities in support of SUNY CNSE’s statewide mission. Manage inter-regional, intra-institution economic growth partnerships leading to strategic attraction/ retention initiatives across New York State in partnership with economic development organizations, education/health/etc. institutions and governmental entities in tight coordination with RF and SUNY CNSE’s business development activities.
  • Management, implementation and execution of regional, state and federal government policies addressing innovation, economic growth, and business competitiveness related to strategic projects, partnerships and programs targeting transportation, energy, healthcare, environment, in support of RF/SUNY CNSE’s research, development, educational, and commercialization.
  • Manage RF/SUNY CNSE partnerships with regional economic development organizations, anchor institutions, educational organizations, universities, and governmental service delivery entities seeking to integrate assets, develop the culture and expand networks by formulating regionally-focused innovation-based solutions and associated metrics for catalyzing collaborative efforts among private and public sectors.
  • Document and analyze/assess the policy, technical, business and financial factors and drivers impacting the investment decisions and business strategies of the global nanotechnology industry to provide an analysis of each regions public and private assets, network and culture that can be aligned with specific nanotechnology-enabled themes and overlay an inventory of regional innovation drivers.
  • Oversight for the SUNY CNSE Office of Training, Opportunity, Education and Employment (TOE2) that will implement assistance with appropriate educational institutions and not for profit entities across New York State in the formulation and implementation of minority and women workforce, education, and business outreach program that is a focal point of contact for minority and women-owned enterprises engaged in the nanoelectronics, nanotechnology and allied industries that seek business opportunities. Oversee good faith efforts to identify minority and women-owned enterprises in ancillary and support industries that may have products, processes or services to offer. 
  • Active role in the attraction and recruitment of qualified minority and women for employment opportunities with nanotechnology corporations. 
  • Work with ESDC’s Division of Minority and Business Development to identify minority and women-owned enterprises engaged in the nanoelectronics, nanotechnology and allied industries, including computer chip makers, processing and metrology tool manufacturers, and material, chemical, and component suppliers.
  • Implement the delivery of professional services to minority and women-owned enterprises in such areas as financing and access to capital markets. Organize job fairs targeting women and minorities; organize events at which minority and women-owned enterprises are apprised of scientific and technological developments in the nanoelectronics, nanotechnology and allied industries and their potential impact on their products and businesses.
  • Work with ESDC’s Division of Minority and Business Development to identify minority and women-owned enterprises engaged in ancillary and support industries (sub-suppliers) with products, processes, or services of commercial interest to the nanotechnology industry in New York.
  • Implement and execute a mutually acceptable reporting system to collect voluntary information on minority and women participation in nanotechnology programs and minority and women employment at consortium and sub-supplier companies.
  • Manage pertinent SUNY CNSE/RF programmatic and infrastructure operations required to support the establishment, integration, and management of vertically and horizontally integrated public-private partnerships consistent with SUNY CNSE strategies and policies. 
  • Oversee, manage, and implement/execute the formulation, development, and implementation of large industry-university-government funded partnerships and projects, consortia driven programs, and regional and nationwide initiatives to include the negotiation, management, and implementation of agreements and contracts with various industrial, federal, state, and business collaborators, partners, and contractors as part of the partnerships.
  • Manage, implement and execute large, externally funded, interdisciplinary research and development programs. These programs focus on the implementation and execution of vertically and horizontally integrated industry-university consortia and public-private partnerships to convert long-term prospective innovations into real business opportunities and revenue-generating ventures within a technically aggressive and economically competitive technology deployment environment in support of SUNY CNSE’s statewide mission. 
  • Serve as a recognized representative/public face of RF for SUNY/SUNY CNSE’s operations in a variety of venues, i.e. media, business, economic development, technology, academic, community organizations and entities. Other reasonable duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:

B.A./B.S. in business administration or equivalent from a college or University accredited by the USDOE or internationally recognized accrediting organization AND at least 10 years’ of professionally relevant experience and 5 years in an executive/management/leadership position.
Must possess excellent communication skills and be able to effectively communicate, collaborate, and possess the ability to convey messages and information clearly, concisely and that are in support of the vision, mission and values of SUNY CNSE and the Research Foundation for SUNY. Must possess the flexibility and capacity to oversee, prioritize and execute a variety of strategic partnerships and initiatives and multiple projects concurrently.
Must be able to demonstrate an understanding of compliance in a regulatory environment covering research and sponsored program administration.
Must be able to manage complex business matters and transactions in a dynamic environment.

Must demonstrate leadership qualities to effectively supervise a team of professional employees. Must be able to travel both on site and off site. Must be able to respond to requests or questions outside of normally scheduled work hours.

This position is contingent on the satisfactory completion of a background check; this position may require annual background checks. Candidates must address in their applications their abilities to work with a culturally diverse population.

Notes: Position contingent on the availability of funding
How To Apply

Persons interested in the above position should submit a resume, three work-related references, and letter of application, along with The Research Foundation for SUNY employment application to:

Mr. Terry Kremer
Search for Vice President for Strategic Partnerships - Albany
College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
257 Fuller Rd.
Albany, NY 12203

Download The Research Foundation for SUNY employment application*

*Please note: the Research Foundation for SUNY application requires a signature, thus in order to submit please complete the application, print and sign it. You may either scan a copy and upload the scanned document or fax a copy to 518-437-8846.

Posting No: NANO-R13-69
Budget Title: Project Administrative Officer
Grade: E.99

As an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer, the Research Foundation will not discriminate in its employment practices due to an applicant’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin and veteran or disability status.

Please feel free to review your equal employment opportunities protections and laws pertaining to these protections at

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